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Antonín BernardVít KahleAndrea LandovskáPetr LinhartTomáš Makovský

Majer's Brake Tables
Group history

         The group M.B.T. was founded in the year 1986 in Prague as a rock band. That is why, perhaps, the name of the group may sound quite odd. In fact, it is the name of a real document - the name of a book which was published by Mr. Majer in the 1920's and which focuses on the brake levels of trains. The English translation of the book title is MAJER'S BRAKE TABLES. It was noted on the title page of this book that "Majer's Brake Tables were kindly recommended by the official authorities". This period culminated in the autumn of 1989 with a demo-tape titled "Noční zprávy" (The Night News) which was a reflection of the political climate in the communist system of that period.

         In 1990 M.B.T. completely changed its way of making music. The group discovered, realising once again, the beautiful sound of acoustic instruments like mandolin, violin, clarinet, saxophones and citterns. Since 1991, the group has played with the same line up of musicians, i.e.

        Andrea Landovská - lead vocal        
        Petr Linhart - leader, composer, lyricist; vocal, guitar, mandolin, citterns        
        Vít Kahle - manager, composer; vocal; tenor and soprano sax, clarinet, whistle        
        Antonín Bernard - violin, cello, bass guitar, citterns        

     In 1992 the tape titled "Místa častých zjevení" (The Magic Places) was published by F-ART in Prague. On this tape we look back to the primeval ages and to our pagan roots. These songs were the basic theme of the concert programme named "Ohlasy písní keltských" (The Repercussion of the Celtic Songs) which reached one hundred performances in the Czech Republic, France, and the Netherlands.

     The CD and tape "Gabréta" was published on the Indies Records label (in Brno, Moravia) in the spring of 1996. Gabréta is the very old name of Šumava Mountains north of the Danube river (south-west of Czech Rep.). The area was inhabited by Capricorns (mountain goats) and can be found on the maps of Ptolemaios. The name Gabreta is Celtic in origin. This CD was accepted, not only by the general public, but by Czech music critics as well.

     The group was in the recording studio completing their third CD named "Babí Jan" during the spring of 1998. Music is a less dreamy and more rock compared to previous two albums. According to an old folk tale its name is a possible name of the mountain ghost Fabian who was a master of the range in Central Bohemia.

     In 2000 Indies Records published two CDs: the first one is a re-edition of "Místa častých zjevení" (The Magic Places) from 1992, the second one is the fourth album named "Ryba ryb" (The Fish of the Fish). What was indicated by MBT in Babí Jan, it was finalised into upright ends, now. The original sound of the band is preserved but now, it is based on the drums of Tomáš Makovský, and the sound is also empowered by electric guitars of Marek Štifter, bass guitar of Jáchym Bašek and by keyboards of Pavel Fanta.

     In 2001 M.B.T. had (except a plenty of extraordinary concerts in Bohemia and Moravia) a very interesting tour in Poland and Lithuania.

     The band came back to Poland once again (where is a very good audience for this kin of music) during the autumn of 2002 - in Wroclaw (Festival Wyszegradski). In this year M.B.T. celebrated 15th birthday.

     2003 - many concerts in Czech Rep., preparing new material for another album, taking part on the extraordinary project named "Salute Zappa!", where 16 Czech bands recorded the famous Zappa's hits (M.B.T. - instrumental song "We Are Not Alone").

     Finally, in the autumn of 2004 there was published the latest CD named "Pálava" by Indies Records, again. This album is made in a special style - as the group said in so-called folktronic style. You can hear an interesting mixture and union of acoustic and electronic instruments. The lyrics are partly focused to the ancient legends, partly to the own generation confession. The basic quartet is added again by drummer Tomáš Makovský (who is the permanent guest, now) and by Marek Štifter (el. guitar and producer).

     The music of M.B.T. is often published on various CD samples focused on Czech alternative music. The members of M.B.T. are occasionally invited to take part in other musician projects.

The special and peculiar sound owing to non-traditional combination
of acoustic and electric instruments together with unusual topic of lyrics
means that M.B.T. has an exceptional position between
Czech music groups.