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 The music of MBT reflects the brightness and energy of the sun, the quiet wisdom and dignity of a mountain, the timelessness of the sky and the invisible omniscience of the air. Indeed, both the music, with its innovative use of varied instruments, and MBT's lyrics, capture the seasoned tones and subtle curves of relationships between humans and all aspects of nature.
 On the album "Gabréta", each song is a bit of spiritual and emotional dialogue with life in all its elements. Perhaps this universality is partly responsible for the inability of any critic to categorize MBT musically. Perhaps it has to do with an almost incomprehensibly mystical dream quality contained in both their sound and words...

 "Saffron" (Ocún), for instance, is a conversation with a flower:

"It is dark. It is saffron. Your warmth in my lap./ With a summer of fathers, we fly in winter lazily./ Darkness comes through the window into the front hall./ On the cobblestones, in the creeping ivy/ you sig. Saffron, you sing./ Before I meet you with a shadow/ I want to meet the hues of all your names..."

 "We'll get lost" (Zabloudíme):

„Tonight we'll get lost/ we won't ask for directions./ We'll just see, we'll see/ something shine from the sky, and come falling./ The moonlight caressed the day and bettered the dogs./ The moonlight caressed the day, and you said/ Sleep. Tonight we'll get lost..."

 "Little Animals" (Zvířátka):

"Around the oak tree/ happily thinking in the grass/ with just the midnight sun/ little animals make circles./ At the beginning of summer dances/ a light which makes no shadows/ sugarloaf of earth.../ At the beginning of summer, I dance/ I make no shadows/ I am not someone else..."

 You are not the first to try to understand this poetry literally. Perhaps such poetry, however, is not to „make sense of", bud to accept with the senses. This you can certainly do when listening to the music of MBT. Just listen and relax, for "Above us burns a shepherd's moon./ Goat cheese, spring brandy/ fire and pewter, trout and vermilion./ We come with the red, with wine and snowdrops./ Week of granite, with a blinking flashlight./ Who else will come?/ Who counts the days as we do?" (Shepherd's moon - Pastýřský měsíc).

 The whole text of songs "Gabreta" and "Circles In The Meads".