Elena Kubickova - esraj player

a new album releases: ESRAJ

Elena Kubickova - ESRAJ

Samples from the album ESRAJ (2017)

 Raga Lalit - alap  (4 min, 9 MB)
 Raga Lalit - vilambit tintal  (3 min, 6 MB)
 Raga Bageshri – drut tintal  ( 8 min, 20 MB)

Raga Lalit

This sunrise raga has a rather unusual scale S r G m M d N S (1 2b 3 4 4# 6b 7).

The brief alap which introduces the main melodic principles is followed by two gats with the accompaniment and solos by the Indian tablaist Rahul Pophali.

The first gat is in vilambit (slow) tintal (16 beats), the immediately following second gat is set in drut (fast) tintal.

Raga Puriya

Major hexatonic raga prescribed for performance around sunset. It is based on the scale S r G M D N S (1 2b 3 4# 6 7).

After the short alap it continues with the jhaptal (ten beats), the final part is in drut tintal.

Tabla accompaniment and solos by Tomáš Reindl.

Raga Bageshri

A romantic night raga with the scale S R g m P D n S (1 2 3b 4 5 6 7b).

The Pa should be played intermittently in some melodic lines. The alap again is not long, the first gat is in vilambit tintal and the second in drut tintal.

The tabla is played by Tomáš Reindl.

Raga Puriya Dhanashri: Elena Kubičková - esraj, Rahul Pophali - tabla, Praha 2018

Raga Shree: Elena Kubičková - esraj, Rahul Pophali - tabla

Raga Mian ki Malhar, tala rupak

A concert recordings from festival Theatrum Kuks (2015)


Samples from the album Hindustani ragas live (2013)

 Alap puriya  (3:32 min, 4.5 MB)
 Drut puriya  (3:35 min, 5.5 MB)

Hindustani ragas liveHindustani ragas live

Raga Ahir Bhairav (Early Morning Raga)

Elena Kubičková - esraj
Tomáš Reindl - tabla

Samples from the concert with Indian masters performed at May 7, 2009 in the Church of St. Simon and St. Jude

 Raga Jog - alap  (5:28 min, 10.5 MB)
 Raga Jog - gat vilambit a drut tintal  (5:51 min, 11 MB)

Dr. Jibendra Narayan Goswami - Elena Kubickova - Mani Shankar Tripathi

Samples from the album Indian ragas (2009)

 Raga Ahir Bhairav - alap  (3 min, 6 MB)
 Raga Ahir Bhairav - vilambit tintal  (3 min, 6 MB)
 Raga Ahir Bhairav - drut tintal  ( 4 min, 7.5 MB)
 Puriya Dhanashri - alap  ( 4 min, 7.5 MB)
 Tabla solo - tintal  ( 3 min, 6 MB)

Indian RagasIndian Ragas

Samples from the album Indian ragas
all compositions by Dr. J. N. Goswami a Dr. Balaji

 Raga Todi - vilambit tintal  ( ~4 min, 7 MB)
 Raga Todi - drut tintal  ( ~2 min, 4.5 MB)
 Raga Pilu - dadra  ( 3.5 min, 6.5 MB)
 Raga Bhimpalasi - jhaptal  ( ~2 min, 4.5 MB)