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All booklets and songs in mp3 format are available for albums published by ARTA Records on their website.
In darkness let me dwell...In darkness let me dwell...Jana Lewitová
John Dowland
Vladimír Merta
Flow my tears mp3
Come_again mp3
ARTA Records 2008
JanosiktEóRia OtraSu
Jana Lewitová
Vladimír Merta
Jakí je ten svet zmotaní mp3
The Trial and the End mp3
Topsy-turvy worldTopsy-turvy worldJana Lewitova
Vladimir Merta
It's a Topsy-turvy World mp3
They Cut Down the Birch Tree mp3
ARTA Records 2002
Lullaby babyLullaby babyJana Lewitova
O Mummy, What mp3
Hushabaye, My Child mp3
ARTA Records 2000     review
Eve and AdamEve and AdamJana Lewitova
Vladimir Merta
A lover and his lass mp3
Vanity mp3
ARTA Records 1999
Sefardic inspirationsSefardic inspirationsJana Lewitova
Vladimir Merta
Una matica de ruda mp3
Casada con un viejo mp3
ARTA Records 1996
Sefardic songsSefardic songsJana Lewitova
Rudolf Merinsky
Adio querida mp3
Durme, durme mp3
ARTA Records 1993
Lute songs in EuropeLute songs in EuropeJana Lewitova
Rudolf Merinsky
Pensad oran al mp3
Care Charming Sleep mp3
ARTA Records 1991