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Learning to sing
Motto: spontaneity

     It is breathing that gives sound to the voice, and unconsciously our breathing, our voice, reveal our physical and psychological condition. Our breathing reacts to everything that happens to us, and our whole body reacts to the way we are breathing.
     We long to sing, but there is something in the way.
     Using simple excercises Jana Lewitova encourages her students to relax tension. Tension prevents you from breathing out freely and from singing naturally. Once you relax, you gradually come to realise what your voice can do. When breathing is free, and the voice with it, you become more perceptive, and your general well-being improves.
     Before World War II, Professor Szamosi of Budapest introduced this natural and highly effective way to teach singing. His assistent Theresia Blumova - (1909-2008) - and her husband came to Prague, where Mr. Moshe Blum became unforgettable synagogue cantor while she taught generations of professional singers - including Jana Lewitova or Marketa Malcova who carries on the tradition.
     You can read more about this method on www.liberocanto.org

     Starting on November 2019, Jana Lewitova will give individual courses every Friday from 4 to 6 pm in the Health Center Roseta in Prague. For further information please visit www.roseta.cz (PDF document)

     Jana Lewitova's lecture about the Mrs. Blum method is available for donwload: Voice & breath (DOC format).

     If you are interested in singing lessons, contact me.