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Lenka Mitasova

     Lenka Mitasova initially studied guitar at the Brno Conservatory of Music. She subsequently went to Moscow to follow courses on renaissance lute with Alexander Sutine, as well as taking up studies of Russian literature and philology at Moscow University. Upon return to Bohemia she perfected her lute playing at the Ancient Music Academy in Brno. She extended her interests in plucked instruments by playing the harp, taking distance courses with Loredana Gintoli at the Conservatory of Verona. She continued with several further courses with leading performers, such as Evangelina Mascardi and Arianna Savall.

She performs regularly with the In Cordis Ensemble, of which she is a founding member, as well as other early music ensembles, e.g. Musica Elea and Ritornello. Her activities extend to more civic engagements as a member of the In Cordis association. As such, she has taken active part in the organisation of many concerts and seminars (ChoteŤ Summer, The six facets of harp, Vivat the Duke, Harp events in Ostrava etc).